Dear Lindsay Lohan…

What can I say, she won me over in Mean Girls.  She kind of lost me around the time she went on the coke-fueled car chase, but hell, I wasn’t in the car; who am I to hold a grudge?  Now’s she’s got 2 months left in rehab but was just spotted shopping it up at Forever 21 at a mall nearby… escaping the fortress that is Betty Ford all in the name of flimsy leggings and cheap jewelry?  She hasn’t pulled a caper like that since The Parent Trap hijinx with her British twin.  In my completely unqualified opinion it appears as if she’s fast on the road to recovery!

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4 Responses to “Dear Lindsay Lohan…”

  1. Claudia says:

    I don’t think I was ever haunted by eyebrows but then you showed that picture of Ali. Holy crap it’s creepy and weird and seemingly excessive brows for a family of pale skin and freckles. Nice letter.

  2. Karin Tanabe says:

    Love that you started with LiLo and love the blog!!

  3. I like your post 3) I’ll surely be peeping into it again soon! ;>