Dear Victoria Beckham…

I cannot believe I’m putting it out there that I’m a fan of Victoria Beckham.  Until today I had always found so many reasons dislike her.  The incomprehensible girth of her thighs, for example.  I mean come on.  So it shocked me to read that she’s finally done something that I can fully get behind… she talked shit about Lady Gaga’s wardrobe.  Atta girl, Vicky!  Way to use your bitchy Posh Spice powers for good!

Gaga’s music?  Beyond catchy.  I’ve had “Poker Face” stuck in my head for nearly two years now.  Her outfits?  Straight up ludicrous.  In lieu of a stylist, it seems she just randomly opens a dictionary and wears the first word she sees.  “Lobsters”?  Perfect!  “Bubbles”?  Sounds great!

I made a video about this phenomenon a few months ago.  You guys sit down and watch this piece of editing slop.  I need to mail this letter fast so I can get back to disliking Victoria Beckham (She’s solely responsible for the popularity of the asymmetric bob.  See, there’s another… I’m telling you, it’s an endless list).

Lady Got Hats from Julia Lillis on Vimeo.

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2 Responses to “Dear Victoria Beckham…”

  1. Karin Tanabe says:

    I thanked Victoria too! But I legit love her. I know, it’s wrong of me, but I do!!