Dear Debra Messing…

If you’re ever having a bad day try my instant pick-me-up:  google the term “stars without makeup” and then sit back and revel in some good ol’ fashioned celebrity schadenfreude.  Yesterday I didn’t even have to do the searching because the acne of one Grace Adler graced the front page of just about every time-wastey celeb blog I check.  Debra Messing had the misfortune of running into some photogs immediately post-facial with ZERO makeup on and a pretty sizable chunk of the acne committing a hostile takeover of the lower regions of her face.

It’s images like this that have forced me to the conclusion that when I’m super famous, I’m carrying a mask with me everywhere.  It will be a mexican wrestling mask like the one seen below and I’ll wear it when I’m grocery shopping, running errands, perhaps on the elliptical at the gym and definitely, definitely when leaving the premises of any establishment in which I may have received a facial.

That way, instead of walking down the streets of Beverly Hills, passing tight-faced women and their small dogs who see my bare skin and offer up whispers of “oy” and concerned “oh my’s”, I’ll be greeted with fun-loving “olé’s!”, and never need to worry about being called “pizza face” or being approached by Proactiv regarding an endorsement deal.


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