Dear Lindsay Lohan (again)…

Lindsay Lohan is being released from her court-ordered rehab today.  The big question everyone is asking is “what should she do now?!” Actually, not that many people are probably asking that.  Apparently she’s launching a website and I think we can all agree that that’s a pretty shitty start to a big comeback.  Launching websites is so “2010”.  It’s 2011 now… she should invent a robot that will launch a website for her.  Or take a spaceship to outerspace and launch her website from the moon.  We’re living in the future now, people.  Time to think outside the atmosphere.

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2 Responses to “Dear Lindsay Lohan (again)…”

  1. Sometimes, they can get so immersed in their fantasy world that you will need to shock them back to reality.

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