Dear Kim Kardashian…


On the most recent episode of Kourtney & Kim Take New York, Kim Kardashian freaks out when she sees naked pics of herself in an advance copy of W Magazine.  I know what you’re thinking… Did some stealthy paparazzi lurk outside her bathroom window and get shower shots?  Are these stills from a secret not-yet-leaked sequel to her first sex tape? Did W Magazine train a domesticated mouse to enter her bedroom with a little mouse camera attached to his little mouse head and take pictures of her getting into her PJ’s?  Nope, way crazier than any of that.  She posed for them. Got totally naked… stood in front of a photographer… and posed for them.  You really should watch the video at this link, but in case your boss is right behind you and you can’t think of a valid reason why the Kardashian Klan would be on your screen instead of the TPS reports* you’re supposed to be working on, here’s what Kim had to say about the pics:

“Oh my God, I’m more naked than I was in Playboy… you can see the nipples!… like, I’m so upset… they weren’t gonna show my asscrack or my nipple!”

Then her rep calls and says “I’m looking at the actual real hardcopy.  That is NIPPLE!”

They’re really worked up about this nipple business.  So I offer this video to Kim, as a way to ease her mind…

* Clearly I have no real world job experience.

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2 Responses to “Dear Kim Kardashian…”

  1. Rob C says:

    So my wife never said shed let me through this…

  2. Megan says:

    I feel strongly that in 10 years she’ll be more embarrassed by her eye makeup than the nipple. Seriously, am I a prude that I feel there is day time appropriate eye makeup and night time appropriate eye makeup and one should know the difference and act accordingly?