Dear Spencer Pratt…

Remember awhile ago Spencer Pratt was talking about joining the FBI (yes, that FBI)? Well, unfortunately for the security of the nation, he hasn’t yet given up on that dream. In an interview yesterday, he told RadarOnline that he is heading back to school to finish his degree so that he can “be an FBI agent, or work in homeland security or intelligence.”

Ok, now here’s a wacky theory… just hear me out on this one… do you guys think there’s any chance Spencer is just doing this to get some attention? Oh you’re right, I’m being crazy. He’s just your typical husband/producer/director/author/TV personality/entrepreneur/crystal healer/agent/rapper who wants to protect and defend the United States and also get interviewed about that desire by online tabloids on a bi-monthly basis. Just your everyday patriot!

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One Response to “Dear Spencer Pratt…”

  1. Karin says:

    Oh I am sooooo crossing my fingers that Spencer comes to Washington. Imagine the ridiculousness I would have to write about!