Dear Justin Timberlake…

Justin Timberlake is single!  Unfortunately, I can tell already it’s going to be a difficult road for us, considering he’s an Aquarius and I’m a Virgo.  Check out what Astrology Insight has to say about it:

Well first of all I’d like to say that those Astrology Insight folks are full of shit and I don’t like their tone.  Sure, we may be in for some ups and downs, but I think we have enough in common that we can make it work!  For example, Justin likes to golf and I was on the Our Lady’s Christian School golf team in 8th grade because I had a crush on our gym teacher/golf coach, Mr. Ferrario.  That’s just one of like a million similarities but I don’t want to bore you guys.  Just trust me, we’re perfect for each other.  We’re totally 100% perfect for each other.  I’d use the term “soul mate” but I know how guys hate that (but between you and me, we’re clearly soul mates).  Oh and get this, did you know there’s a website that tells you the actual addresses of stars’ houses?  And also, did you know that there’s like barely any security at Justin’s house?!  I mean, I’m just sitting in my car right now writing this, waiting for him to come home so we can lock eyes and he can realize our love potential and we can begin our life together, and I don’t see a single security guard or anything!  Justin!  You need to watch out!  There are lots of crazy girls out there!


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One Response to “Dear Justin Timberlake…”

  1. I’m therefore sad, can it surprises any individual that justin timberlake remains not hitched? I’m beginning to wonder why he hasn’t got married along kids. I think justin’s kids would likely look therefore cute and also adorable.