Dear John Galliano…

Back in February, eccentric British fashion designer John Galliano was arrested in France for making come crazy anti-Semitic comments in a bar.  He went to court yesterday and tried to blame it on being drunk.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve used total wastedness as an excuse for a lot of things:  making out with a homeless dude (“but guys, he’s soooooo hot!”), sending several regrettable drunk texts that included the line “you’re my soulmate”, and even mistaking the crisper drawer in my fridge for a toilet (true story.  I wiped with broccoli)… but never have I referenced Hitler in a positive light or ranted about the supremacy of the Aryan race.  You know why?  Because although I have questionable decision-making skills and a low alcohol tolerance, I’m not a racist asshole.  John, next time you’re about to open your mouth, try sucking face with a dirty shoeless man whose house is a shopping cart — much better plan.


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2 Responses to “Dear John Galliano…”

  1. Ok, note to self. If ever invited for dinner at Julia’s house, it might be a good idea to pass on the salad