Dear Lizzie McGuire…

Since when is Hilary Duff old enough to get married and knocked up?  Friends of mine who have kids are always like “oooooh they grow up so fast” and I think I finally understand what they mean.  Honestly you  guys, Lizzie McGuire has sex?  And everyone is cool with that?  It seems like only yesterday she was dating Aaron Carter and being googled by pedophiles.  Now you’re telling me the creeps googling “Lizzie McGuire naked” are technically just regular run of the mill creeps of the non-pedophile variety?  (By the way, if the blog is down tomorrow it’s because it crashed thanks to all those sickos who are searching that term and will now and up here.)

The first story I read about Hilary Duff being pregnant was this one on RadarOnline about Hil and hubby going out for a sushi date.  Now I know pretty much NOTHING about being pregnant.   Like, I’m honestly still confused about how that baby-fetus-minihuman stays alive in a belly full of water.  And what’s the deal with bellybuttons?   However there’s one thing even I know: NO SUSHI!  This is what happens when we let teens screw.

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