Dear Susan Lucci…

Susan Lucci must be spinning in her grave.  Here are the first two things I saw when I turned on my computer today:

Point number one:  I’ve never seen All My Children but there was a summer between my Junior and Senior year in high school when I got really into Days of Our Lives and that’s the same thing, right?  Like exactly the same thing.  Crazy family of good-looking people; a hospital; a scandal; maybe an evil twin; I get it.  I get it, and I think it’s pretty dumb.  But how can I judge when my DVR is full of Russian Dolls and Jerseylicious?  I can’t.  Lucci fans everywhere, sorry for your loss.  With all that spare time why don’t you head over to the Style etwork and see what’s happening with my girls Olivia and Tracy — now that’s some real drama!

Secondly:  Someone over at the CW needs to get fired for thinking we want to see musical chairs — the show.  Screw you guys.  I’d rather watch reruns of All My Children while being waterboarded with acid than give in to something as idiotic as musical chairs. (UNLESS you guys are still casting a host — in that case, please contact my representation.  What a FUN IDEA FOR A SHOW!!!!)

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