RIP Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs died yesterday and it’s a real bummer.  Considering my last 3 laptops have been Macs, I’m on my second iPhone and I pretty much can’t remember a time when I sweat on purpose without an iPod nearby, he’s really been a daily part of my life for the past, uhhh, decade.

From now on, instead of getting all pissed off when iTunes asks me if I want to update (no, no I don’t want to update… there are too many updates, they happen too often, they never make anything better, they just leave me in a state of “well now where do I go to find Real Housewives?!” confusion, and they halt all other work I’m planning on accomplishing in the next 15 minutes, so NO, I DO NOT WANT TO UPDATE, ITUNES!!!)… well instead of getting annoyed I’m going to think of it as a little “hey, how ya doin’?” from Steve to me.  And for a second it will be a really sweet moment and I’ll think “WWSJD?”: he’d think outside the box; he’d not compare himself to the competition; he’d always follow his dream; and yes, he’d probably update iTunes.  Fine.

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