Dear Christina Aguilera…

What an emotional weekend I had: sadness at the passing of the legendary Etta James… and then my first tingle of lesbianism at the sight of Christina Aguilera’s knockers as she sang at the funeral.  A lot of folks are gonna say it was inappropriate to put the girls on full display for the funeral of Etta James.  I, on the other hand, think they were the a lovely addition to the ceremony.  Note to whoever plans my funeral in the very very distant future:  see if you can book X-tina. Oh, and keep Al Sharpton far far away, that guy’s a fucking lunatic and I have no idea why people take him seriously.

2 Responses to “Dear Christina Aguilera…”

  1. Daniele says:

    Love some X-tina! That woman has some amazing pipes (and girls:). Kind of weird that when the video pans back at LEAST ten people are taping her song on their iPhones – maybe a lil’ poor taste for a funeral??