Meet Julia

Julia Lillis is a stand-up comedian in Hollywood who tells jokes and panders to audiences on a nightly basis.  Comedic songwriting, however, is her real moneymaker (if it’s possible to have a “moneymaker” while living just slightly above the poverty line).  Known for her quirky melodies and quick-witted lyrics, this snarky songstress sings tunes about everything from Zach Braff to bukake (mom, don’t look that term up).  She whiles away her days watching The Real Housewives of anyplace, angling for celeb sightings at a The Coffee Bean, and trying to keep up with those damn Kardashians (which requires an entirely different kind of moneymaker).  Her deep love of all things time wastey and celebrity-filled led her to the conceit of this blog and she can’t wait to begin receiving lovely responses from the celebs she writes to, who will surely want to take her to lunch at The Ivy and go on shopping dates while they run from the paparazzi together.

More on Julia, as well as her touring schedule, here: