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Dear Daniel Radcliffe…

Monday, July 18th, 2011

Oh Harry Potter, we hardly knew ya!

No literally, I have no point of reference for any Harry Potter jokes because I haven’t read the books or watched the movies and HALLELUJAH! the day has finally come when the rest of the world can shut the F up about it all.  I get it, it’s like wizards and witches and goblets and and shit.  I think I’m good on all that.

Harry Potter fanatics are to me, what I am to vegetarians.  They really want me to just give the movies a shot because they just “know I’m gonna love it!!”  And I really want to stuff a few chicken wings down the throat of some of my friends because I can’t believe they’re voluntarily missing out on something so amazing.  The difference here is this:  chicken wings are delicious and Harry Potter is a kids movie about witches.  Chicken wings can be dipped in blue cheese dressing, which is also awesome, and thereby makes the whole combo insanely awesome.  Harry Potter is about some kids who fly on broomsticks (is it? I’m just guessing here).  Chicken wings will go on FOREVER.  As of yesterday, Harry Potter is DONE.

Once again in life, chicken wings win!!!!