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RIP Macho Man Randy Savage…

Friday, May 20th, 2011

Macho Man Randy Savage died today after losing control of his car while suffering a heart attack.  The news hit me harder than one might imagine because… little known fact about Julia Lillis: I was once a huge WWF fan.  HUGE!  I saw Macho Man Randy Savage live and in person  at the Erie Civic Center in the early ‘90’s.  He was feuding with Jake the Snake Roberts at the time so obviously I was torn.  I love a macho man, but I was seduced by Jake and his boa constrictor.  Macho Man was crazy and exuberant, while Jake was dark and intense.  It’s the classic quandary that women the world over are faced with all throughout their lives: ride high with the wild child or fall hard for the man of mystery.  Was this Wrestlemania or was Vince MacMahon giving me a lesson in love?  I chose Macho Man then and I’d chose him again if I was given the choice right now.  Macho Man, you will be missed.  Ooooooh yeah!!!!!