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Dear Eddie Murphy…

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

Yesterday Forbes put out their annual List of the Most Overpaid Actors in Hollywood and Eddie Murphy landed the number one spot. Based on the last three movies he was in, for every dollar he was paid, he returned $2.30 in box office cash… which, from what I’m gathering based on the Forbes’ article… is a bad thing???

However, to put this in perspective…

During summers in high school I worked at Dairy Queen making minimum wage which was like $5.15/hr. I’d typically work a four hour shift. Usually, in a given shift, I’d eat at least a medium Blizzard with quadruple the toppings (obvi), wash it down with a Mr. Misty (“green” with a splash of “purple”), grab a few handfuls (disgusting, I know) of pecans whenever I went into the back room, and bring home a pint or two of soft serve and a couple Dilly bars at the end of the night.  At the start of my shift I’d call all my friends and let them know they could swing by for free ice cream, so you have to figure I gave away a least a few cones and a couple sundays.  By my calculations, I think I cost that Dairy Queen…

Medium Blizzard + extra toppings: $3.69 + $0.50
Medium Mr. Misty: $3.19
Extra nuts: 4 x $0.75
2 pints of soft serve: 2 x $2.59
2 Dilly bars: 2 x $1.19
2 Medium cones: 2 x $2.19
2 Large sundays: 2 x $2.99

TOTAL COST: $28.30

So in a typical shift of mine, that particular Dairy Queen would actually lose $7.70. Or, to put it in Forbes’ terms, for every one dollar I was paid, I lost $2.68.

Conclusion: Eddie’s not that bad of an investment after all!

PS. I giant “sorry!!!” to the owners of the Tracydale DQ in Erie, PA!  At the time, I was young and stupid and had an incredible metabolism.


Dear Rachel Uchitel…

Friday, January 14th, 2011

Can people stop acting like Rachel Uchitel is a celebrity?!  She was a hostess who slept with a golfer and now she’s famous?  When I was in high school I worked at Dairy Queen and hooked up with a caddy and all I have to show for it is an addiction to lime Mr. Misties and the most basic understanding of the handicap system.  I’m reading today that she just went out on a date with a guy she met one Facebook.  Unless his name was Phil Mickelson that’s not news.