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Dear Rob McElhenney (from It’s Always Sunny)…

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

Rob McElhenney, star and creator of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, apparently gained 50 pounds on purpose because he thought it would be ‘funny for his character on the show to be fat’ and I’m calling BULLSHIT.  First of all, if fatness and funniness were directly proportionate those episodes of Hoarders where the ladies are so huge they can’t get out of bed would be total laugh riots.  Um, have you seen em?  Yeah. They’re not.

Here’s the deal with this weight gain: they shoot that show in Philly.  As in Philly Philly.  Now take another look at him:

My friends, that’s what skinny looks like in Philly.  I bet Rob got back to LA after they wrapped and had a meeting with his agent at some vegan raw live soy tapas joint and his agent was like “ummmmmmm, you know you’re fat, right?”  And he takes a look around and is like “omg, I. Had. No. Idea.”  They got the publicist on the phone and next thing you know there’s a feature in People about how Mac from It’s Always Sunny got fat on purpose… because that’s hilarious!

PS.  There are like 800 calories in a Philly cheesesteak, so really, you can hardly blame Philidelphians.


Dear Ryan Reynolds…

Thursday, April 14th, 2011

Is there anything more annoying than finding out that an ex is in love, thriving, and happy? Yes: add “having a baby with an Oscar-winning actor.” Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson were married for 2 years, only separating in December, and last weekend she moved in with her new boyfriend Sean Penn. To make matters worse, by all accounts (except for those of her publicist, agent and all professional representation) she’s pregnant! Honestly, the latest image of Scarlett is so telling, it may as well be a sonogram:

That’s a knocked up chick if I’ve ever seen one. So what’s Ryan Reynolds to do? Mope? Bury himself in Cadbury Eggs, Mint Milanos and Sex & The City marathons on E! (my go to moves)? As Charlotte told Carrie just last night on a episode when she was bummed out about one of her many break ups with Big, it takes half the length of time you were with someone to get overhim (or her, presumably). Sooooo, in Ryan’s case he should ignore that math and just call me asap. Although I’m off the market (and in love and thriving and happy — ahem, hellooooo! to any of my exes who happen to be reading this) I’ve got plenty of friends I’d love to set him up with!