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Dear Tim Tebow…

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

Holy crap.  Literally.  I’m beyond confused as to why everyone is so opinionated on/fascinated by/won’t shut the hell up about Tim Tebow.  I think he’s gotten more press for talking about Jesus Christ than the actual Jesus Christ would get if he was here today.  If Jesus came back for a Second Coming (or whatever*) He’d probably trend on Twitter for a few days and then something like “#iluvBieber” would knock Him off the charts.

* Second Coming, etc. etc… not sure how all that stuff is supposed to go, I kind of forget… 12 years of Catholic school and you’d think I’d be all over this stuff.  I would like to point out that those nuns at least instilled in me that you have to capitalize “Him.”  Nailed it! Woah. Too soon.

PS.  Two sports posts in a row. That oughta do it for awhile.