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Dear Anderson Cooper…

Friday, August 19th, 2011

I’m sure you guys have all heard about how (a much fatter and older than I remembered) Gerard Depardieu pissed on a plane on Tuesday night — not in the bathroom, mind you — in the aisle. Let’s just agree right up front that that story is fantastic.  How does something like that get better?…  ADD ANDERSON COOPER!

Here’s a list of things I love:
- foreigners doing weird shit
- poop jokes
- Youtube clips live newscasts where someone on the air swears/barfs/falls/laughs uncontrollably

Can you say HAT TRICK?!  Watch and enjoy… (the giggling really takes off around the 2:30 mark).  And when you’re done with Mr. Gigglepants, do yourself a favor and watch the links above.  You’re welcome!!