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Dear Natalie Portman…

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

The Natalie Portman ballet thriller Black Swan is in the process of breaking all kinds of records at the box office.  I’ll tell ya, I’ve been saying for years that there’s an untapped market out there of folks who want to see pretty ballerinas AND morbid psychodramatics.  Finally someone paid attention!  I’m pretty excited to see it and, surprise surprise, once my boyfriend heard about the lesbian love scene between Mila Kunis and NatPort the “creepy ballerina movie” became a lot more interesting to him.  Maybe Hollywood should take note of this phenomenon… add some lesbian lip locking and a would be “Girls Night Out” movie suddenly turns into a “Date Night” flick.  A little girl-on-girl action in Eat, Pray Love 2* perhaps?

* Please don’t let there be an Eat, Pray Love 2.

PS. I would like to take a second here and point at that it’s official, Natalie Portman is NOT perfect.  She has effed up toes from years of ballet.  Score for us normal people!