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Dear Snooki (again!)…

Monday, April 4th, 2011

Last night Snooki brought her fun-loving meatball antics to WWE’s WrestleMania 27 as part of the Brunette Mafia and proved that she’s more than just a horny, gorilla juicehead-chasing guidette with a drinking problem… she’s an athlete.  Who knew?!  (Also something I didn’t know — the WWE still exists.)

I’m no physics whiz, but the feats Snookems managed to perform seem to defy gravity. Isn’t there something in one of Newton’s Laws of Motion that indicates a beer keg of a body shouldn’t be able to flip and soar effortlessly through the air? Back flips, round offs, tumbling across the mat like there’s a guido meathead on the other side who she’s trying to get to… looks to me like Snookers has got some serious skills! Based on my very limited knowledge of what it takes to be an Olympic gymnast (I saw a Lifetime movie about it once), I think Snickers could do it! She’s got the moves, the confidence and she could teach those girls a thing or two about tanning.

PS. Gatorade, you might want to get started on a Ron Ron Juice flavor.