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Dear Val Kilmer…

Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

Oooooh taxes.  Such a pain in the ass.  Val Kilmer was in the news today because the IRS filed a lein against him for nearly $500,000.  Merry Christmas from Uncle Sam!

Like Val, I myself have a serious aversion to paying taxes — not in theory, but the actual physical act of filing taxes.  If they only made filing your taxes as easy as filing an extension to file your taxes, then I’d be all set.  There’s just so much math and fine print.  Those are both things that always, no matter where in life you run into them, completely suck.  Like, one second I think I’m pre-approved for a new credit card, then I read the fine print and see that it’s “subject to approval”.  What kind of operation are they running over there at Visa, by the way?  Maybe if I could actually get approved I’d be able to throw down some plastic when the IRS comes calling but until then I’ll just continue to ignore their empty threats of wage garnishment and leins.