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Dear Christina Aguilera…

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

Word has leaked that Christina Aguilera got into it with Julianne Hough at a pre-Golden Globes party last weekend. Someone (who hates fun and excitement) broke the fight up before it got out of hand, but if they go at it again here’s my prediction:

Fighting out of the red corner, this girl is a cute little dancer who put out a cute little country album and is now apparently trying to act in some cute little movies.  Weighing in at 85 pounds, fighting out of some miscellaneous southern state: Julianne HOUGH!!!!!!

Fighting out of the blue corner, this woman one of the best selling music artists of all time, a vocal powerhouse and a certified Grammy Award winning diva.  Weighing in at around a buck 75 (it’s baby* weight!), fighting out of a ghetto near Pittsburgh: Christina AGUILERA!!!!!!

Ummmm, Julianne I hope those dancing legs can run!  She weighs twice as much as you PLUS she’s Mexican (or something like that). Run, girl! She will CUT you.

* Her “baby” is like 2 years old now.