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Dear Officer Lawrence DePrimo…

Friday, November 30th, 2012

Most of my opinion about cops comes from The Wire (don’t get me started) and two different  college interactions with overly diligent police officers that left me with a “fuck the po po!” type of attitude.  (I’m sorry, taking me in for being “drunk in public at a Jimmy Buffett concert? Everyone was drunk in public. I think that might have actually been the name of the album he was promoting. So yeah, fuck the po po.)

But NYPD Officer Lawrence DePrimo is changing all of that!  Did you guys know cops can be nice and helpful and make the world a better place (unlike the cops that locked me up for “loitering” outside a bar in Baltimore my senior year of college. You know what’s GOD DAMN TERRIFYING? Being a sluttily dressed white chick in the downtown Baltimore city jail. Ahhh, the night I almost got gang banged. Memories.)

Yesterday a pic went viral of Officer DePrimo giving shoes to a freezing cold homeless man.  He didn’t know anyone was watching let alone taking a picture, he just did it because he’s a nice, stand up guy.  I mean… come on!  Single ladies of Long Island, reward this man accordingly! Literally, fuck this po po!

Dear everyone who told me to watch “Homeland”…

Monday, December 12th, 2011

Please excuse me, I’m a little jumpy today… I just spent 10 straight hours trying to determine if Brody is a terrorist, who slipped that guy the razor blade, why Saul can’t pass a lie detector test and who Clair Danes is going to throw her lady parts at next… it’s been a wild ride.  Not to mention the psychedelic opening credits which give me more anxiety than those “Mayhem” Allstate commercials.

I big “thank you” to all my friends who peer pressured me into getting Showtime and watching Homeland.  You were right, this show is amazing.  It’s like The Wire with less black people and more beards.  Sure, I could’ve used these past 10 hours to finish up my Christmas shopping, drive to Albuquerque, or get a quarter of the way through this Rosetta Stone “Learn to Speak Italian” Class, but you know what I say to all that? Che Cazzo!!!  (look it up)