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Dear Veterans…

Friday, November 11th, 2011

Hands down we’ve got the most bad ass military in the world.  I mean, it’s really not even a contest. Our Coast Guard alone could probably taken down most of Europe if they felt like it.  Proud to say I was part of that military at one point; now I’m just a crusty old Vet telling her salty sea stories to anyone who will listen.  Have I told you the one about when I was the Officer of the Deck and accidentally thought Mogadishu was in China? Ah, yes, that was the day the whole crew of USS HIGGINS started calling me “Lieutenant Dumb Ass”… (true story)

PS. No shit, it’s like in AFRICA or something. Crazy, right? It just sounds Chinese… I swear I’ve had Mogadishu with pork before.

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Dear Seargent Major of the Marine Corps Carlton Kent…

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

Celebrities, schmelebrities.  I’m sending fan mail to a hero on Veterans Day:  the man leading our Enlisted Marines, Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps Carlton Kent.

What can I say, I LOVE Marines!  Unfortunately I could never marry one (because I’m not Filipino) but that does nothing to put a damper on my whole-hearted appreciation of them!

If you don’t happen to know any Marines, let me paint you a picture… they’re like a combination of Bruce Willis and Chuck Norris (because they kick ass), with a hint of Dog the Bounty Hunter (because they’re all a little crazy — but in a good way), and just a smidgen of Kate Gosselin (because, now I hate to say this, but most of them have haircuts that could use a little help… listen fellas, I love you but I’m just being honest here!!).

Marines — along with the servicemen and women in, and veterans of, every branch of the military — are HEROES.  They sacrifice their lives for our freedom and I simply can’t say “thank you” enough or with sufficient gusto to express how grateful I am for their service and their sacrifice.

I also think that every dude out there named “Carlton” needs to send Sgt Major a thank you note for making that name cool again.  Carlton Banks ain’t got nothin’ on Sgt Major Carlton Kent.