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Dear Anderson Cooper…

Friday, August 19th, 2011

I’m sure you guys have all heard about how (a much fatter and older than I remembered) Gerard Depardieu pissed on a plane on Tuesday night — not in the bathroom, mind you — in the aisle. Let’s just agree right up front that that story is fantastic.  How does something like that get better?…  ADD ANDERSON COOPER!

Here’s a list of things I love:
- foreigners doing weird shit
- poop jokes
- Youtube clips live newscasts where someone on the air swears/barfs/falls/laughs uncontrollably

Can you say HAT TRICK?!  Watch and enjoy… (the giggling really takes off around the 2:30 mark).  And when you’re done with Mr. Gigglepants, do yourself a favor and watch the links above.  You’re welcome!!

Dear Rebecca Black…

Monday, March 21st, 2011

[Quick Rebecca Black primer (mostly for my dad):  The new poster child for “so bad, it’s good,” she’s a 13-year-old girl whose parents hired a company to produce a heavily auto-tuned pop video which now has 30 million hits on Youtube and the single, which was released this past weekend, is at #19 on iTunes.]

People are giving this girl a lot of shit because the lyrics are soooo bad and the singing is soooo bad and the video is soooo bad… these people clearly never heard of a little girl group known as the Kool Kids (how Kardashian of us, right?!) that came out of Erie, Pennsylvania back in the late ‘80’s.  I was the front woman of the band, as well as the co-writer (along with BFF and Naked Thanks blogger, Stacey Pfarr) of our only single “I Had A Party In My Bathroom Last Night.”  Let me give you a taste of our sweet, sweet lyrics:

I had a party in my bathroom last night.
I had a party in my bathroom last night.
Everyone was there,
Except for Claire and Blaire.
I had a party in my bathroom last night.

The bathtub was rockin’.
And we partied by the sink.
Everyone was laughing and talkin’.
And it didn’t even stink.
I had a party in my bathroom last night.

So.  There’s that.  Pretty spectacular, right?  I would just like to take a moment and thank my parents for not hiring a company to produce the video for “I Had A Party In My Bathroom Last Night.”  Not only that, I’d like to thank the inventors of the internet for taking their time with it and making sure it didn’t exist until after the break-up of the Kool Kids.  I don’t know how Rebecca Black is handling it, but I don’t think my 13-year-old self could’ve coped with trending topics like #koolkidssuckass or #itookashitinmybathroomlastnightanditwasbetterthanthekoolkids.