Dear Seargent Major of the Marine Corps Carlton Kent…

Celebrities, schmelebrities.  I’m sending fan mail to a hero on Veterans Day:  the man leading our Enlisted Marines, Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps Carlton Kent.

What can I say, I LOVE Marines!  Unfortunately I could never marry one (because I’m not Filipino) but that does nothing to put a damper on my whole-hearted appreciation of them!

If you don’t happen to know any Marines, let me paint you a picture… they’re like a combination of Bruce Willis and Chuck Norris (because they kick ass), with a hint of Dog the Bounty Hunter (because they’re all a little crazy — but in a good way), and just a smidgen of Kate Gosselin (because, now I hate to say this, but most of them have haircuts that could use a little help… listen fellas, I love you but I’m just being honest here!!).

Marines — along with the servicemen and women in, and veterans of, every branch of the military — are HEROES.  They sacrifice their lives for our freedom and I simply can’t say “thank you” enough or with sufficient gusto to express how grateful I am for their service and their sacrifice.

I also think that every dude out there named “Carlton” needs to send Sgt Major a thank you note for making that name cool again.  Carlton Banks ain’t got nothin’ on Sgt Major Carlton Kent.

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2 Responses to “Dear Seargent Major of the Marine Corps Carlton Kent…”

  1. Karin Tanabe says:

    Great fan mail on Vets day. I too love a Marine! But I have to say, growing up in Maryland, I was always about Navy. I know you know what I mean.

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