Dear Solange Knowles…

The big news in the Knowles family this past weekend should have been be the fact that Beyonce is pregnant and she was announcing it at the VMA’s.  WOO HOO!!

Yeah, that’ should’ve been the big woop.  But it wasn’t.  In a typical “hey look at me, I’m the little sister and I need attention too” move, while big sis was announcing her pregnantness, Solange was up to the following:

1.  trying to sneak into a bar in Miami with a 5 foot long inflatable banana
2.  getting into an altercation with the cops regarding the aforementioned 5 foot long inflatable banana
3.  accusing the Miami cops of racism for not letting her into the club because she’s black (not because she wouldn’t let go of her damn 5 foot long inflatable banana)

Sure, maybe the cops were being prejudiced — prejudiced against dumbassness– and not only am I fine with that, I’m all for it!  If you ask me, we need to be prejudiced against dumbasses  a lot more often in this country.  We can start with inflatable  banana-toting R&B singers and then make our way to SUV drivers who park in compact spots.

You can’t just go around with a 5 foot long inflatable banana and think everyone’s gonna be cool with it.  For the most part, NO ONE is actually going to be cool with it.  People might pretend they’re cool with it.  To her face her friends are probably all saying “Oh Solange you’re so crazy! You’re so fun! You’re the life of the party!”, but behind her back you can be sure it’s more like “enough with the G.D. banana!”



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