Dear Alec Baldwin…

Earlier this month Ben & Jerry’s launched a flavor called “Schweddy Balls”, inspired by one of the best SNL sketches of all time starring Alec Baldwin.  Grumpy, no-fun moms everywhere are boycotting the flavor because they don’t like what Ben & Jerry have named it.  Hey moms of America, we haven’t liked what you gals have been naming your kids for years now, so until I stop seeing “names” like these* popping up on Toddlers & Tiaras, you can all shut your pie holes:


And for the record, it’s vanilla ice cream mixed with a hint of rum, fudge covered rum balls, and milk chocolate malt balls that we’re talking about here, not annoying 3-year-old prima donnas.  You can call this ice cream “Shit in a Pint Container” and I’d still rather spend my afternoon getting brain freeze than hanging with your little princess.

* No shit, I didn’t make a single one of those up.  Child protective services should be watching more TLC — it oughta be a crime to name your kid a misspelling.

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    Another gem of a post! Keep up the good work! How does one sign up to get email notifications when you post?