Dear Anne Hathaway…

I get it, she’s in a big movie… (that looks amazing and I’m seeing it and I already know all the words to all the songs because I saw Les Mis on a school trip in 6th grade and most of the songs have never left my head and I even used them to audition for every musical in high school — “I have a castle on a cloud…” was my go to — I never got cast in a single play (thanks Mr. G!) but I don’t hold that against the songs, they weren’t really in my range, and I’m sure Anne kills them all, so in short, yeah can’t wait to see her big fancy movie)… but do we have to see her on the cover of EVERY magazine? EVERY late night show? EVERY city’s red carpet event? Seeing EVERY inch of her body?

No seriously. She just showed the one last remaining inch that hadn’t been seen in any of the aforementioned venues; just plopped it out there while exiting a car at a red carpet. See for yourself (NSFW version)…


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2 Responses to “Dear Anne Hathaway…”

  1. Jay Sebastian says:

    “just plopped it out there while exiting a car a red carpet. ”

    Should that read, “just plopped it out there while exiting a car: a red carpet.”

    If so, upon closer examination of the NSFW version, I submit that the carpet matches the drapes, and does not appear to be red.